Virtual Classroom

Even though we aren’t in a brick-and-mortar building, we are proud to offer a real, functioning classroom in which teachers effectively teach and students effectively learn. Our virtual classroom is the best of both worlds.

What is a Virtual Classroom?

In most cases, teachers meet with the students in the class, together, online, and in real time. Occasionally, virtual lessons might include pre-recorded components. As in real-world classrooms, a virtual classroom is flexible to the teacher’s style and the student’s needs.

The Benefits of a Virtual Learning Environment

Teachers use various tools and features to promote engagement and collaboration and have found the virtual classroom to have several benefits.

  • Comfortable learning environment for all participating students
  • Excellent interactivity between students and teachers in real time
  • Student-peer collaboration
  • Structured learning
  • Direct instructions
  • Real-time answers to questions